Meet Paula M. Farmer

Every day I wake up with a heart filled with gratitude because I get to support others in the achievement of their goal to grow their businesses.

Paula M. Farmer was built to support others in business and personal development. She grew up in a loving family that valued education with a hunger and respect for knowledge.

As a young girl, Paula saw her father work very hard to support others. She watched as he developed his knowledge, matured his skills and stepped into the life of an entrepreneur. She didn’t understand at the time, but those invaluable lessons paid off.

In school Paula developed strong administrative skills, organizational skills and planning skills. But it wasn’t until she entered the workforce that she realized the importance of serving and helping others.

As the recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Award, Paula felt honored by the achievement and it was one of the most memorable times in her career. She spent many years learning how to develop more knowledge around process improvement systems, quality tools, quantifiable or qualitative data, and the importance of zero defects. Another pivotal moment in Paula’s life was being certified in a military facility. Being the only civilian to become certified taught her many things, including asking for what she needed to expand and grow her knowledge base.

Paula’s HR expertise spans over 25 years. She has been speaking professionally for over 10 years. She also teaches entrepreneurial leadership classes at a local HBCU. And on some Sundays, she even has the opportunity to teach and touch the lives of those in her church of over 20k members.

Paula has a strong commitment for growth with her diverse client base including corporations, non-profits, C-Suite, manufacturing teams, small businesses, higher education, civil organizations, faith-based organizations, government, financial institutions, and more.

Values are rooted in the core of every business. Whether they are documented or inscribed in the hearts of your team, we all have values.